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Hi! My name is Judy.

I love beautiful things!

In these pages you will find

all sorts of beautiful things.

I have Porcelain Dolls, Angels, Victorian Decor and More!

I hope you enjoy your visit and bookmark

and come back again and again!

Links To My Pages

My World Of Dolls~All The Dolls I Carry

Super Specials

Monthly Special

What's New

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Greenware List

Lace and Wood Home Page

Shout To The Lord!

Welcome to My Parlor

Tea Room

Down the Garden Path

Butterfly Heaven

My Tribute

Postcard Shop Index

Picture Gallery Index

Victorian Index

Angel Index

Doll Bulletin Board

My Links Page~All Sorts Of Interesting Places to Go

Webring Links

Music From My Site

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Page 3

Fun Places To Go

Beauty to Behold

Beauty in the Night

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